In late September or early October, an unforgettable occasion is planned to celebrate the Winners, High Commendations and Finalists of the Business Finance Awards in London. 

In this first year for the Awards, a suitable London venue for the lunch and ceremony will be chosen for the quality of food, with the three-course menu being something to look forward to eagerly.

The Reception will begin at 12.00 noon and lunch will be served from 1.00 pm.

The full menu will be published on this page together with any vegetarian alternatives as soon as they are agreed. Wines will be served with lunch, with mineral waters. Beers and soft drinks may also be available.

Everyone attending will be asked if they have any special dietary requirements in advance of the event so that Chef can cater for all.

The Awards will be presented after lunch during a ceremony hosted by a professional presenter that is expected to last no more than 60 minutes. 

Both category Winners and High Commendation recipients will go on stage to receive their awards. Photographs of each recipient will be taken and made available online on the morning following the Awards, if not sooner.

Please use the “BOOK AWARDS PLACES” button in the right hand column to reserve your places at the Business Finance Awards, which will open officially for bookings from June 1.